Excel – Saturday

Saturday Excel

I often hear people ask what are some of the most common shortcuts that are used in excel that can help make my work easier.  Here are the ones that I use often and hope they will help you too!

  • Cut, copy, paste – Ctrl X, C, V. You should be very familiar with these shortcuts because they are the same ones used in other programs like word.
  • Paste Special– Control + Alt + V  Paste Special is often used when you just want to paste a value, formula, or formatting.  Having this shortcut will save you valuable time!
  • Fill handle – Just double click that little square at the bottom right of any selection. This isn’t a keyboard shortcut but it is a very helpful tool, because it will copy a formula (or a pattern) down a column to the bottom of a table in just one click.
  • Fill down– Control D. This will help when you want to copy values from a cell above without having to copy and paste the entire section.   Similarly, you can also fill right, Control + R
  • Select all – Control A. This shortcut will select all data in the “same region”. This is used whenever you want to select an entire table.
  • Autosum – Alt =. Allows you to automatically insert the sum function into your spreadsheet for rows, columns, or even the entire table.
  • Toggle filters– Control + Shift + L  We recently learned about filters, this is a great shortcut to apply and clear filters to your table.
  • Go to first cell / last cell – Control + Home, Control + End.  Very helpful when you are working with a large dataset and want to get to the beginning or end of the table.
  • Data navigation – Control + arrow key(s) Similar to the first and last cell, this shortcut gets you to the edges of the data instantly and also help when working with large datasets.
  • New Table – Control + T.  Very handy when you want to convert a set of data to a “proper” Excel table with filters and formatting. Tables are a powerful and convenient way to handle lots of data easily.

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