Excel – Saturday

I have come across many people over the years who did not realize that filters were available in excel and after I showed them how to use them they have all told me that I have now saved them tons of time in reviewing data.   So today we are going to talk about the use of filters and how they can help you to analyze your data more efficiently!

First, to locate the filters you will find them on the home tab in the Editing section on the far right hand side:

Editing section

This is our sample data set that we have created in excel and would like to filter for our example today:

data set

In order to turn filters on, highlight the row you want to use (Row one in this example) for your filters and then click the filter button in the picture above.


After you have the filters in place on your chart you can then begin using them.  For this example we will click on the filter for the Product column.  When you click on that filter button you can then choose which items you would like to filter for.  Here are the choices I have selected:

filter choices

Here is what the table looks like after the filters are in place:

new data set

That is how you use filters.  If you have questions you can contact us today for information www.eagleeyebookkeepingservicesllc.com  or to schedule a free consultation.



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