Training – Turnover


I see the question of training employees come up often. But I feel that the term training can come in different ways. For some, I have seen people consider plopping a new employee in front of a computer and watch generic videos of the topic of what that they are learning. For others, I have seen people just give tasks and say go at it. In both cases, they wondered why the employee failed and they have a high turnover rate.

The answer may not be a popular one. But I had a boss once say years ago that if there is high employee turnover then management needs to be evaluated. He also said that a happy worker is a good worker. Let’s face it, if an employee likes their job they wouldn’t look around for another.

Now there are a few factors like rate of pay, respect, fulfillment, etc. that goes into employee satisfaction but I think one of the cores is training. If the employee doesn’t know how to do their job it will increase the stress on that employee. The question that needs to be answered is do you want your company to be the sink or swim type or do you want to take a proactive approach and train your employees. If the latter, hands on training will reduce the employee turnover and increase productivity in the company.

I am also reminded of another quote. ‘A president of a company asks the CFO “what if we train our employees and they leave?” The CFO reply’s “what if we don’t and they stay?”‘ One last quote to leave with is that good leaders train leaders.

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